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  • Natural Language Voice Control Comes to Internet of Things(9/17/2014)

    — Rich Quinnell
  • Build your own Siri: Api.ai offers voice integration for all(9/16/2014)

    — Sam Wierema
  • Tired of Waiting For Siri API, Developers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands(9/16/2014)

    — John Paul Titlow
  • Tired of Waiting For Siri API, Developers Take Matters Into Their Own Hands(9/16/2014)

    — Neal Ungerleider
  • The Race To Be The Ultimate Siri Killer(8/6/2014)

    — Krystle Vermes
  • Speaktoit raises $2.6M to build an army of ‘personal assistants’(7/18/2014)

    — Lizette Chapman
  • Cars of the Future Aren’t Just Cars(4/29/2014)

    — Ilya Gelfenbeyn
  • 5 Virtual Assistants That Are More Productive Than Siri(4/14/2014)

    — Derek Walter
  • Top 10 free Travel apps for Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet(4/10/2014)

    — Mike Browne
  • After Her: Why our love of technology will remain unrequited(2/15/2014)

    — Ilya Gelfenbeyn
  • The Daily Startup: Speaktoit to Take Voice Control Beyond Smartphones With Intel, Alpine Backing(1/31/2014)

    — Venture Capital Dispatch
  • Intel & Alpine Back Speaktoit To Put Natural Language Personal Assistant In Cars, Robots, And Wearables(1/30/2014)

    — Steve O'Hear
  • Speaktoit Assistant Review(1/10/2014)

    — Lucy Ingram
  • Can dialog-based interfaces be the next Braille?(9/14/2013)

    — Ilya Gelfenbeyn, Speaktoit
  • How New Technologies Return Us to Our Roots(8/23/2013)

    — Ilya Gelfenbeyn
  • 9to5Mac Podcast with Speaktoit's Ilya Gelfenbeyn(7/26/2013)

    — Scott Buscemi
  • Speaktoit Review(7/1/2013)

    — John Brandon
  • 4 AngelList Startups That Make Life Easier for Entrepreneurs(6/24/2013)

    — Rebecca Edwards
  • Guest Post: How startup app developers can thrive amid competition from big enterprise(5/22/2013)

  • Speaktoit Android virtual assistant with more unique usability features(5/10/2013)

  • Speaktoit Virtual Assistant for Android Lets Users Wake Up Phone With Their Voice(5/9/2013)

    — BrothaTech
  • Intel's Arvind Sodhani eyes next big thing(4/19/2013)

    — Cromwell Schubarth
  • Speaktoit, The Siri-Like Assistant, Goes Premium To Let You Teach It Your Every Command(1/23/2013)

    — Steve O'Hear
  • 10 Mobile Apps To Make Your Business More Productive in 2013(1/4/2013)

    — David K. Williams
  • Coming Soon: Virtual Assistants Will Go Beyond Smartphones(11/30/2012)

    — Eric Savitz
  • These Are The First Apps You Need To Download On Your New Kindle Fire(9/16/2012)

    Want a little Siri on your Kindle? Check out the Speaktoit Assistant.
    — Kevin Smith
  • Speaktoit CEO talks about the future of natural language interface(9/1/2012)

    — Dan Blacharski
  • Let Us Introduce You to Siri’s Quirky Predecessor: Speaktoit Assistant(08/31/2012)

    — Mary Georger
  • The Digital Personal Assistant Problem Siri Still Hasn't Solved(08/08/2012)

    — David Zax
  • Speaktoit Brings the Digital Assistant to Windows Phones(08/04/2012)

    — Chance Kinney
  • Windows Phone Speaktoit Assistant app for the Siri Jealous(07/24/2012)

  • Speaktoit Virtual Assistant Lands on Windows Phone(08/24/2012)

    — BrothaTech
  • Beyond Translation: Siri-Like Apps and Others that Speak Spanish(05/30/2012)

    — Harmony Tapper
  • Speaktoit Secures Funding From Intel(05/25/2012)

    — Allyse Sanches
  • Vlingo, Speaktoit Assistant reviews(05/24/2012)

  • For Hire: Good Virtual Assistant for Android(05/24/2012)

    — Bonnie Cha
  • S Voice, Siri and Speaktoit Assistant - Three Voice App Musketeers Face-Off(05/24/2012)

    — Sidney Wong
  • Which virtual personal assistant is best for you? Siri vs. S Voice vs. Speaktoit Assistant (05/14/2012)

    — Vince
  • Speaktoit Assistant Review: Your All-In-One Virtual Assistant(05/30/2012)

    Speaktoit Assistant is a good voice-controlled app that supports a fair amount of integration with other Android apps. If you want a Siri-like app on your 'droid, this is one of your better options.
    — Brent W. Hopkins
  • SpeakToIt Voice Assistant for iPhone - Not Your Average Siri Clone(02/10/2012)

    — BrothaTech
  • Siri rival Speaktoit gives old iPhones the personal assistant experience(02/10/2012)

    — Molly McHugh
  • SpeakToIt: A personal assistant for older iPhones, iPads(02/09/2012)

    — Kevin C. Tofel
  • The Best Virtual Assistant for Android(02/09/2012)

    — Alan Henry
  • Speaktoit now on iOS(02/09/2012)

    — George Wong
  • 2011’s Top 10 Apps for Android Phones(12/29/2011)

    — Bob Tedeschi

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